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Thank you for visiting the Transit News page of our Web site. If you have been a regular visitor since the inception of the Transit News page, you will know that it is updated on an almost daily basis with links to print articles as well as videos and pictorials that cover the latest developments in rail transit and other related fields.

In addition to posting over 100 informational links per month to the Transit News page, we often provide links to historical as well as whimsical articles offering a slightly different slant on the news. Some of our NJ-ARP members provide us with links that don’t make the normal news or rail-related media. We take pride in making our Web site a two-way interactive tool for our membership.

NJ-ARP is the leading consumer rail passenger organization in New Jersey established in 1980 as a not-for-profit corporation. We are a volunteer organization with no paid staff. Our volunteers, many of whom work within the transportation field, are among the best and most diverse in New Jersey. We have been on the forefront in advocating inter-modal transportation solutions statewide, with a focus on rail and light-rail and their synergy with other modes as well as being your advocate on service issues.
Our basic membership rate is $20.00 per year. As you seem to have an interest in rail transit, we’d like to offer a special trial basic membership of either 3 months @ $5.00 or 6 months @ $10.00.

That will provide you unlimited access our Transit News page as well as other features such as our excellent Hot Wire columns, our Service Comments section, and our publication archives that date from one year prior to this month back to April 16, 2001. PDFs of issues prior to that date are not yet available.

More importantly, your membership will help us in our advocacy efforts and will help support the cost of this Web site. If you prefer, you may investigate all our annual membership levels and their benefits by clicking the appropriate link below. We hope you will give us a try and help us in furthering a balanced statewide transportation network and a better New Jersey, by joining the growing list of citizens demanding a better quality of life.
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